26 May


Competitive Analysis of FINAL PROJECT

26 May

This design is so good! It’s fresh and modern, it really take it’s target audience in mind (I guess it’s students). What I’m not found over is the typography. There’s not enough line height and letter spacing to make you wanna read it. Also, the navigation could be a lot better and creative. They have use too much of the underline for the text. Maybe they should style the css: text-decoration:none;? Overall it’s a good color combination between grey, black & white. Although, they did a great job on the ”In Studios” page layout with the big pictures, love it! One more thing, WKDU uses a two column structure and it really works for them. It’s good that they have the newest information visible when you visit the site, such as ”On Air” & ”Next Up”. Love the body background by the way.

WICB doesn’t have a great color theme. They use a three column layout, which is good, but the design isn’t executed very well. All the text looks too much like banners or links (most of them are links, they could use som body copy). There’s too much going on in form of moving text and gradients on for example the navigation links. The about.html needs a lot of work on the typography, the font is too big and have a lack of contrast.

At first glance, Radio dePaul looks very sofisticated and almost not like a radio station website. There’s too much imagery and adds, I can’t decide with just one look at it what the website is for. They have too much fonts, on the Home Page I can see at least four different fonts. It’s confusing! It would be better if they played with two fonts, there’s so much you can do with web fonts in your css file.

I love the headlines! Too bad it’s imagery, but it’s a beatiful font. The smaller text below the headline would be better of in uppercases, and then maybe keep the body copy as it is. It can always be better, so they could play with line height, line length and font sizes. They did a pretty good job on the organization, with the three columns for the latest news at the bottom of the page and then the red box with links. Actually, the typography of the red box is much better than the rest of the site, why is that? It’s very simple and clean and they used a good font in a smaller size. Personally I like smaller fonts, but that’s just me.

There’re a lot of other college radios, but the one with the best design was definitely Radio K who is an award-winning student-run radio station of the University of Minnesota, playing an eclectic variety of independent music both old and new. They have a clean  and nice layout with colors like grey, light blue, white and black. The typography is very good, they contrast in big fonts vs. small fonts and  also play with the colors. They use a two-column structure for all of their pages which is very effective, because the right side column is on every page and therefor the design is consistent. The right side column have information about ”Track of the day”, ”Listen Now”, ”Follow Us” and more. These three links are very effective to have on all the pages on the website because they are in time. I think they did a very good job with the website, it’s structured, clean, easy-to-navigate and great design.

15 Excellent Examples of Web Typography

26 May

I  choose This site contains white space, hierarchy, contrast & great color combinations. A List Apart did a great job with the typography – just look at the headlines. The headlines have 3 different styles – italic, uppercase & bold and regular. It’s such a playful and well executed design an headline in terms of contrast and hierarchy.  The body copy follows the rule of line length 40-60 characters, which makes it easy to read and easy to wanna read. The line height is also very good, the text is not packed, there’s a lot of air above end below it. The logo is perfectly places in the left corner and is similar to an image, it’s not just a logo, which makes it a good contrast to rest of the simple and clean layout. Although they played with the typography for the body copy & headlines, the navigation links is very clear and obvious. That’s sometimes a problem, people spend so much time on the typography that the navigation sometimes disappears. A List Apart definitely did a great job making web safe fonts fun! I only have one thinkg I would like to change and that is: MORE WHITESPACE! I think it’s great but I would just like a little more space between the text blocks , it feels a little concentrated to the top. Below “Apply modular scales for meaningful web measurement, and an excerpt from Adaptive Web Design” there could be a little more space for the next paragraph.

Communication Brief for Final Project

26 May

Project Overview

CJLO is a college radio website that’s overgoing a complete re-design for a better navigation system and design workflow. The new website will provide the users with an easy-to-naivigate system, great color theme and typography and most of all more focus on updates every day.

The single purpose is to make the new website more compelling and easier to navigate. It should be clean and simple, right now there’s to much going on at the website in form of colors, illustrations and text. There’s going to be a lot of work on the typography!

The secondary goal would be to advertise more in and outside the school to get more listeners and make students aware of the new website and changes for the show. This will be made by posters made by students themselves.

The longterm goal is to keep CJLO respected and successful so they will create a good reputation. This will make the college appreciated and respected in other college cities and among the students. It’s very important that they stick to the plan: update, update, update! Just like they have to report about the latest news, they have to provide online visitors with the same information.

Target Audience 

The target audience for CJLO is students. Because the radio is a student company the only have students working and therefor other students is the target audience. The students who are running the radio will talk about topics related to all students and they will have the advantage of being students themselves.

The target audience thinks it’s important that CJLO air programs that make them want to listen to the radio every day. The station should provide interesting programs with topics that the listeners care about. The target audience should be able to have at least one hour per day for calling the radio show and talk on air.

Audience A is a hardworking student who likes to listen to the college radio during his free time – lunch break, breaks between classes etc. He is very interested in the student life such as: enviroment, study tips, music, history, weekend activies, school trips, money, student food, exercise and much more. He is a typical student who thinks it very important to stay educated as well in school as in topics outside school. This person likes to call the radio station on their programs where students can call the radio station and ask questions.

Audience B is a sport major student who wants to listen to great music while he is out exercising on his own or in class. He want a good variety of music, everything from rock to r’n b. He thinks it’s important that the charts updates weekly and that the radio have at least a 2 hour chart with new music every day.

Audience C is a online student, who have very few classes in school. He does a lot of his homework online and also have most of his classes online. Therefor he likes to listen to soft music during his time of doing homework. When he has a day off he likes to listen to more up-beat music. With that said, he wants to be able to choose what music he wants to listen to online. There should be several channels available for him to choose from and listen to whenever he wants. He also wants to be able to listen to the radio online (of course!).


The target audience feel that they can trust CJLO. They’ve heard about them via other students and CJLO:s advertising in school. The target audience feels respect for CJLO and belive in them.

Perception: reliable, customer oriented, successful, friendly, interesting, cool, loyal, responsive, modern.

Communication Strategy

We want our listeners to want to listen to our radio programs and music every single day. We want to build a great confidence that we can provide that for our listeners and students. We’re gonna send our message across by having a easy-to-naivigate website where you can reach us at any time and radio shows that You feel is interesting and fun. We want to provide You with new music, such as old. We want to be modern and new in time.

Competitive Positioning:

What makes us the best radio to listen to is that we invite you to a great community of other students, just like You. We want Your opinion and we want You to like our music and programs. We are making You our biggest priority and therefor we don’t think in the aspect of creating an environment for us or other people out there, we consider Your thoughts and mind.

Targeted Message: Fresh


19 May

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19 May

Communication Brief Worksheet

11 May

Project Overview is an unorganized website with too much information and graphics at once. It needs to be narrowed with information and pictures to make it more appealing and to make the business vision come through. The “SIP Hawaii” or as it’s also called “Shop in Paradise” sell Hawaiian beverages such as coffee, tea and also food and snacks as macadamian nuts, island foods. It also has a section of bath & body. First of all the website has to have one name, not two. The single purpose of this is to make it more clear for the target audience to recognize the company and to get an understanding of what it sells and provides. The main goal is to make it more simple and easy to navigate all the information!

The secondary goals would be to after the site is redesigned and all the links work, to make it visible to more users than the one’s that already know of the old site – PR. Right now the site isn’t something you would want to visit and navigate through (most of links a broken). So when the redesign is done, PR is the next step to make more people aware of it. At first it doesn’t have to be that expensive, nowadays Facebook, Twitter, Myspce are helpful tools for PR and that will be the first step in the process. Thereafter the PR campaign will set higher goals if response is good. If there’s still some bad response for the website or the food (maybe the café needs a new chef?) the necessary changes will be made and thereafter the PR goals to expand will be reached.

The secondary goals are definitely also to open more cafés in the United States and also expand to an online shop. This would be important to keep the customers who are interested in eating and buying Hawaiian food, without have to go on an expensive trip to Hawaii.

The longterm goal is to have the café be known everywhere  in the world. It should be leading in their business (hawaiian food & beverages) and should be well recognized by their logo and name in the world.

Target Audience 

The typical visitor of the Hawaiian Café (the new name of the site and café) is a woman in her 30’s who’s found over the Hawaiian culture and harmony. This person is active and healthy, goes to yoga, hikes and other modern activities. She is environmental and loves healthy living and eating. She is modern in the aspect that she likes to try new things; sports, food etc. She’s also a computer user who likes to surf the web at cafés for her interests such as sports and healthy food. She is no ordinary Facebook user or Twitter person, she is well educated within her interests and that’s whats she lives for. She’s a gardener for a living and is very interested in organic food & beverages. She owns her own business as well and therefor she is a frequently computer user. But she prefers to read environmental-, animal-, wildlife- & travel-magazines. She like the modern of using a computer but her true love goes into reading real life magazines at a calm and suiting café with a back garden.

The target audience think it’s important that the website provides their food and beverages in a very specific way. She wants to know the calories, if it’s organic or not, how healthy it is and also a background story to the hawaiian food. She doesn’t need to have a login for this site, but she does prefers newsletters about offers and new grocery items in the café. She likes personal contact the most, she is a frequently visitor at the café and likes more than anything to call the café and talk about their offers and groceries. The website combined with the availability to call is the perfect combination, therefor she can collect her information from the newsletter and website at first, then call for more details if necessary.


The target audience feel they can trust the company within all aspects: good food, beverages, treatment of customers and most definitely the quality and handle of the food. The target audience feel the company is reliable in the aspect that everything they do is consistent, they wont serve food that is bad in any way or a beverage that’s old or taste funny. Quality over quantity!

Perception: reliable, organic, organized, customer oriented, successful, leading, corporative, friendly, colorful, nature-lovers, fresh, modern.

The old website (right now) is too confusing for the users to get an understanding and feel of the company and therefor these adjectives doesn’t suite the company right now. The customers and users don’t know what to feel and expect from the website.

There is already a website for hawaiian food in Vancouver, Washington – This café is definitely a competitor in the future when the Hawaiian Café in California want to expand, then the name has to be either changed or the logo have to be the main communication.

The most competitive hawaiian café would be that is located in Culver City, CA. The website however is horrible, but it has a location address and a telephone number provided, which is a good thing. The main goal is to have a better website for Hawaiian Café, CA to get more users and therefor more customers.

Communication Strategy

We want our customers to feel appreciated and always feel like “mi casa es su casa” home. We want to give a warm and happy feeling across to all customers and we want them to leave satisfied. We also want them to feel like they are spending small and effective money at our café. We match our prices with the great food and we want the customers to feel the exact same way. The message will come across through our great staff and website. The website should set the same exact feeling as the in real life café does: warm, happy, organic.

Competitive Positioning:

Our company is special in the fact that we always make the customers our friends. We see them as individual persons and not customers in that aspect. With that said, we create a warm and welcoming feeling. Our café is all about quality, not quantity. unlike other Hawaiian Cafés we have a well-functioning website that provides just the right amount of information and pictures to make the users go there. We keep it simple and clean, just as our food.

Targeted Message: Special